Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love going to the movies. I'll just say that right away. There is something old-timey and magical about making a night of going to the movies.

Whenever I see a film with any weight to it, I always like to sit through the credits. I feel like all to often people watch this epic, intense movie and then stand up and start jabbering the second the credits roll. They go right back to their lives and forget what just happened. So as a movie comes to a close, I like to sit and marinate in what I just experienced. The music that's playing was picked for a reason. Depending on the people I'm with, I often don't even say anything until the lights come on and the ushers are sighing loudly at the edge of the stairs. I go back over the film in my mind, thinking about the highs and lows, the parts I loved and the parts I didn't.

The people who made this film put so much of their lives into it and I think that warrants some extended thought. I know it's not just me that does this, there's generally a few other (usually older) moviegoers that sit through the credits with me. I then stand up, stretch, smile at the old folks, and make my way out of the theater.

My name is Jeremy. And I'm a "Sits Through The Credits" guy.